Financial Aid

The following is a summary of the different options available to those seeking financial assistance for their JSU Summer tuition.

National NCSY/JSU Financial Aid

Financial aid is available from National NCSY/JSU based on need, and is given out on a first come, first served basis. In ordered to be considered for financial assistance, you must fill out the online application completely as well as the financial aid application and submit your most recent tax return. The average award amount is within the range of $100 – $1,000 depending on how you qualify. Please contact for further inquiries. All JSU TJJ programs are ineligible for financial aid from National NCSY/JSU since these trips are already heavily subsidized for public school teens.

Financial Aid Process
Step 1: Click here to apply for the NCSY Summer program of your choice. Indicate on the application that you will be applying for financial aid, and submit all forms necessary for acceptance to the program.

Step 2: Fill out the complete financial aid application in the Forms Dashboard of your Camp InTouch account and submit your most recently filed 1040 to the financial aid committee (more information to follow once you have applied).

Step 3: Once your teen is officially accepted for Summer 2018, the financial aid committee will email you your award.

Financial aid applications will be considered on a first come first served basis, therefore it is of utmost importance to apply as soon as possible. The deadline for all financial aid applications is April 1, 2020.

National NCSY also offers different discounts and promotions. Click here to see the discounts available for Summer 2020.


NCSY Regional Scholarships

If your teen is an active member of his/her local chapter of NCSY, we suggest contacting your NCSY regional office (click here) for information about scholarship resources.

NCSY Sparx – Canada Region

NCSY SPARX is a scholarship program available to students from select Canadian cities who are applying to participate in the following NCSY Summer programs –  BILT, Camp Maor, Camp Sports, EURO ICE, GIVE, GIVE West, Israel ID, JOLT, JOLT Israel, Kollel and Michlelet. Students who participate in SPARX will be eligible to receive up to 50% off the cost of the trip. Accepted students will participate in a number of projects before the trip which will contribute to and enhance the impact of the desired program. The projects will challenge the students to learn about key Jewish figures, perform acts of Chessed and become leaders among their peers both in Canada and on the trip. To participate in NCSY SPARX, please fill out the entire NCSY Summer scholarship application, and to obtain more information please send an e-mail directly to Yosef Kurtz at

Jewish Federation/Grants

Many Jewish Federations offer grants and scholarships for teens attending Israel programs during the summer. Contact your local Jewish federation, Synagogue, or other Jewish institutions to find out about scholarship opportunities.  For a partial listing of scholarships available in your area, please click here.


Camp Maor, Camp Sports, & GIVE West: Ben Zakkai Honor Society Scholarships

The Ben Zakkai Honor Society is an alumni society that awards many need-based scholarships every summer to teens attending Camp Maor, Camp Sports, and GIVE WEST Summer Programs. Preference is given to public school or Yeshiva students who are chapter, regional or national board members or members of their local NCSY chapter.

All applicants to Camp Maor, Camp Sports, and GIVE West who complete the online financial aid application are automatically considered for a Ben Zakkai Scholarship.  To receive consideration, applicants must make sure their financial aid application is complete. All scholarship decisions are solely determined by the Ben Zakkai Scholarship Committee.


UJA Federation – New York Only

Needs Based: Applicants from New York City, Nassau and Suffolk counties are eligible for a need-based scholarship from the UJA. You must fill out the NCSY Summer financial aid application to be eligible for the UJA need-based scholarship, which will serve as your application for both. This scholarship is available to those applying to BILT, GIVE, Israel ID, JOLT Israel, Kollel, Michlelet and Next Step. The deadline for this scholarship is January 1, 2018. If you apply after this date, we will do our best to work with the federation to see what funds are available.

Merit Based: Nomination forms for the merit scholarships will be sent out to UJA affiliated agencies (eg. synagogues or Jewish community centers) in the spring. This scholarship is available to those participating on BILT, GIVE, Israel ID, JOLT Israel, Kollel, Michlelet and Next Step.

Teens Initiative: Additional scholarships are available from the UJA for teens that have never participated in an immersive Jewish Summer Program. You must fill out the NCSY Summer financial aid application to be eligible for this scholarship, which will serve as your application for both. This program is available for JOLT, Euro ICE, Camp Sports and GIVE West.