Recommendation Request Form for Applicant

Please fill out this form to request your recommendations.

After the online application is complete, the applicant or his/her legal guardian should fill out the form below to identify who will be recommending him/her. The recommender will automatically be emailed a recommendation form to fill out. The applicant will receive a notification when the recommendation has been submitted. 

The applicant is required to have two recommendations from your NCSY/JSU regional director, NCSY/JSU advisor, teacher, school principal, synagogue youth director or rabbi. No application will be considered without two recommendation forms; one of which must be from a teacher or principal at your current school.

* Please note: You are able to submit one recommendation at this time and come back later to submit your second one.

* If you are experiencing technical difficulties with this form, please try using a different browser that is not Internet Explorer (ex: Google Chrome). If the issue still persists, please call 212-613-8168.